918kiss Vs Xe88 | The Best Online Casino Malaysia | Trusted 2022|918kiss Vs Xe88: The Best Online Casino, Malaysia

918Kiss VS XE88 | The Best Online Casino Malaysia | Trusted 2022|918Kiss Vs XE88: The Best Online Casino, Malaysia

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918Kiss Vs XE88: The Best Online Casino, Malaysia

918Kiss is an online mobile platform that provides online slot games from a variety of online arcade games in its arsenal. It is one of the most popular betting or dealing site in Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Thailand, and the recent updates that have been done on the website have put the site in a prime position to compete with other top corporations.

One of such competitors is the XE88 website. This piece aims at highlighting the similarities between both websites, itemizing the differences between them, and drawing a conclusion based on thorough evaluation of both websites, about the better website between the two.

XE88 is an online mobile gaming platform that has been agreed on by numerous gamers as one of the best online games around. It has an aesthetic interface, a layout that is bound to draw the eyes of many, and the ease of use by both the new and existing customers makes it easy for one to see why this website has survived till this moment.

It is mostly popular in Asian countries because the theme revolves around the Asian culture (the Chinese culture in particular), and is loves by Malaysians for the vast amount of games it offers, the reasonable minimum dealing amount, the high level of security, and a lot of other reasons.

Similarities Between The Two (918Kiss And XE88)

While most users would argue that there is no possible similarity between the two gaming platforms in terms of service, it is clear to whoever is looking at it from an objective point of view that both platforms have a good number of similarities. Some of them are:

  • They both offer online casino services to gamers.
  • They both use a good variety of traditional online games that best suits their audience.
  • Both websites boast of very interactive user experience, especially since they have both been recently updated.
  • They both boast of a high definition, immersive experience that puts you right in the heart of things for a firsthand virtual experience.
  • Both websites provide their customers with the option of downloading it onto their handheld devices (whether Android devices or iOS devices), and to their personal computers or laptops.

There are a few more similarities between the two, but for the purpose of this thesis, the above will have to do, as they have been able to successfully provide a general idea of how both platforms have quite a lot in common.

Now that all that is out of the way, let us dive right into the differences between the two platforms, and the reason behind my conclusion on the better one among the two.

Differences Between 918Kiss and XE88

1. While the 918Kiss mobile website is popular in Asia for its reasonable gaming experience, XE88 is very popular in Malaysia because of the thematic concepts that revolve around the traditional Chinese culture. This is one edge that the XE88 has over the 918Kiss platform.

2. While both platforms offer numerous chances for their customers to win and earn money and special credit, the 918Kiss Games platform has been known to have tons of varieties of online slots and offer new subscribers up to 30% bonuses just for signing up. The existing customers are not left out either, as they are rewarded with up to 8% redeposit bonus.

3. Not wanting to be easily pushed to the side by 918Kiss, XE88 offers daily login bonuses for all its subscribers, boasting of a higher definition and a deeper and immersive experience for all the players.

4. While 918Kiss has undergone recent updates, XE88 Casino users can stake anything on the idea (one that is fast becoming less of just an idea and more like a fact) that XE88 is a newer, more preferred slot arcade that surpasses the 918Kiss in more ways than just updates.

Why XE88 is Better Than 918Kiss

The majority of this part of the thesis is going to elaborate on the above-mentioned differences, and draw out more differences that further show the superiority of XE88 Malaysia over 918Kiss Malaysia.

1. Ease of Download

The website for downloading the app on Android and iOS devices for 918Kiss (918Kisses.my ) are replete with error messages and failure with installation, as well as some hitches encountered when playing.

To demonstrate how their corporation has gained the upper hand in the online casino business, their authorized website for downloading the XE888 application has been upgraded such that there are virtually no hitches encountered when playing online. The download process is straightforward and easy to follow.

2. Safety and Security

Unlike other online casinos (for example 918Kiss, Mega888, LPE888, WUKONG88, etc.), the XE88 platform routinely reviews measures to ensure that safety of its customers while dealing online. This is one of the first things a new subscriber notices when they register and complete the signup process.

As soon as an account is created, the customer is required to provide another password, one that is different from the one provided initially for signing up. The new password now replaces the previous one after a confirmation number is provided.

Furthermore, the group of operators and developers is fully licensed and has legally obtained the required licenses for online casinos and game slots.

In the same way, with 128-bit encryption, you can rest assured that all data provided is safe and secure, and will only be used in accordance with the terms and privacy policy of the corporation.

3. Bonuses And Incentives

The XE88 platform provides old and new customers bonuses for logging in daily to play. This measure is further augmented by the addition of discounts at various stages and levels of the dealer’s game of choice.

There are so many games available for the customer to choose from, ranging from treasure hunts, matching games, strategy games, adventure games, slot games, etc. There are different categories of games because, at XE88, it is known that customer needs are different and unique to each of them.

For every level passed by the player, more bonus points are added to their score counter, all of which can be converted to cash or special credits for immediate withdrawal.

4. Look And Feel

As basic or cliché as it sounds, the first indication of the interest of any commodity is its acceptance after it satisfies the sense of sight. The theme of the games contained in the arcade of XE88 is one that revolves around the precious Asian culture, one that is not only well-loved by the customers, but one that they are familiar with. The games offered to the customers include Fong Shen, Football, Gold Rush, God of Wealth, Gold Coin, etc.

With the generic user interface, the very chic design, eye-catching animation and visual effects, and other interesting new features, it is easy for each player to wholly immerse themselves in the gaming experience, and receive high definition entertainment for an engaging experience at XE88 online casino slots.

5. Chances of Winning and Ease Of Withdrawal System

The chances of cashing out of XE88 are so high in favour of the subscribers, that with a minimum deposit of RM10 (10 Malaysian Ringgits) a person stands the chance of winning jackpots and millions of ringgits, as opposed to 918Kiss.

Also, customers can request for withdrawal by indicating their interest to withdraw to their customer service agents, along with the amount to be withdrawn. From the time of request for withdrawal to the point of credit by bank account, is usually within five to ten minutes.

To make this even sweeter, the developers and managers of the XE88 website have made sure that the approved system of payment is one that is supported by many Malaysian banks (for example, the Malaysian equivalent of PayPal, maybe).

Bonus Tip

The developers and managers of XE88 are committed to reliability, so they have contingency plans put in place for researching problems that may arise while playing. That is, if an ‘Error 404’ message may arise as a customer is logged on to the native server , such that they cannot directly open the game website, they have a backup server to fall back to.

This last part is a major upper hand the XE88 possesses over 918Kiss. While the former has several backup plans for problems that may arise, the latter only advises that in the case of problems in the download of the application, the customer should delete the apk file and try re-installing it.

Finally, While there are many benefits of betting and online casinos, it is advised that moderation is employed in order to not lose too much in terms of money or time, or get addicted to gambling. All in all, the customer service is there to resolve any problem the players may have.

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